Our goals

The three organizations were awarded for their contribution to the culture of olive and olive oil.

Our company’s goal is to characterize the region Lake Trichonida AS AREA OF BIOLOGICAL AND UNIQUE PRODUCTS QUALITY – FREE FROM GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS, a characterization that will promote the area, increase its competitiveness and strengthen the local economy.

We need to create a QUALITY FRONT in the region because quality creates multiplier benefits for both a business and an area that progress with quality as a principle.

Our company’s goals are:

• The promotion of an alternative agricultural policy that will ensure the right of the nutritional self-sufficiency of our locals in the modern competitive environment.

• Collective action and self-organization of producers to create a network of producers and consumers for the direct movement of products without intermediaries.

• The promotion and assurance of quality systems with labels: Products of Designation of Origin (PDO), Geographical Indication Products (PGI), ISO and others. as for example the Kalamos olives of our region and olives originating from Agrinio.

• The Recognition of the uniqueness of local traditional products and viands based on the relevant European Regulation. Such is the variety Aimatochromi Orange – Blood Orange, the Smelt, Malagouzia (White wine), chestnut Arakynthos the Agrinio olive and kontoroko corn.

• The inclusion of the products of our region in the basket of the PPE.

• The support of the secondary sector and the association of quality production with the local culture, history and tradition ie the interconnection between primary and tertiary sectors to promote the development of sustainable and quality tourism even in specific types such as agro-tourism, which is in line with the capabilities of our region. Believing that VIOTRICHONIS can be a useful tool in which we will not simply attempt to overturn the obsolescence of local production, but at the same time and alongside other initiatives to be developed will provide the region with the necessary productive potential that has so far been undermining and suffocating in the abandonment of the countryside, that specific policies have brought about.